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Jonas Brothers Song Claim!
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the basics;
Ever wanted to have a Jonas Brothers song all to yourself? Well, with this community you can do exactly that!

First of all choose a song, then hit up the claims list to see it is available.
If it is, claim away and it's all yours! :D
HERE is the claims list.

Remember, ANY song by the Jonas Brothers can be claimed. This includes their stuff from JONAS, Camp Rock or even a lives song from a concert you've been to (in this case, please state the date of the concert and place in the post)
the rules;
→ Before claiming, you must have joined the community.
→ DO NOT join the comm, claim, and then leave. Your claim will be deleted if you do so.
→ To claim, post an entry with the name of the song you'd like.
→ One song can only be claimed by ONE person.
→ If someone has claimed a song you want, you can challenge the other person. BUT ONLY IF THEY AGREE. No fighting. Keep it friendly guize ;)
→ You'll get a banner stating your claim. It will be made form either an old-school or a recent picture of the boys. You decide. Just drop it in your claim entry. :)
→ PLEASE link us back on your profile or "claims post" it is not compulsory, but PREFFERED <3
comm stuff;
If you would like to affiliate, please drop a comment in THIS post :)

Promotional banners can be found HERE

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